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Do You Feel Like You Are Drowning?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning? You are going down for the last time and no one is there to save you. In fact the whirlpool is about to suck you into the dark abyss. This is how we all feel when we are living in CHAOS! You can't even remember how you got into the dangerous waters in the first place!

I can tell you exactly how. Procrastination. You didn't want to look at the problem so you put it off. You probably still don't want to address the issues that are drowning you. We do this every single day.

Everything is connected and one thing starts getting sucked into the whirlpool and the rest will follow. Unless you start to pull your own self out one bad habit at a time, you will find yourself in a perpetual cycle of missed deadline, poor grades, and disappointment.

Grab your life preservers! Stop the insanity! We need to stop putting off starting that project! We need to stop putting off reading that chapter! We need to stop putting off going to the health center! We can find a way and an excuse for putting anything off! We have to stop this right now! Just changing one thing will keep your head above water.

Your excuses are just another form of whining and procrastination.

You are not slow! You are a perfectionist! It is your perfectionism that makes you obsess about something that is quite simple. You are over thinking this. You don't have to see the top of the staircase to take the first step!

The secret to getting moving is to set your timer and do 10 minutes or even 2 minutes! That is it! Then go onto the next thing on the list.

C.A.N. is here for you to ensure that you are up to the challenges that lay ahead. If you would like to discuss the transition to college and how C.A.N. can be of assistance, please fill out the contact us page on our website.

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