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C.A.N. Academic Success Inventory

Fill out our FREE Survey and in return, we'll provide you with:

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The C.A.N. Academic Success Inventory, is a unique assessment tool that helps individuals identify their strengths and challenge areas. This will be a vital piece of information for your academic coach to help and guide you as you begin your journey here at C.A.N.  

The assessment contains sixty-two questions that are answered in yes/no and likert formats. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. This assessment will provide you with an overview of your unique strengths, talents and abilities to maximize your college experience. After you take the assessment, you will be immediately given access to a summarized report with your results.  

When you decide to become a part of our C.A.N. community your C.A.N. coach will use these results to effectively assist you as you begin your journey toward achieving your academic goals. You will be provided with very individual information about yourself that both you and your coach can utilize and maximize for success!

Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn more about yourself and prepare for a great college experience and future career exploration.   

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