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About C.A.N.

Success coaching requires the identification of values, strengths, etc., so that the coach and client can identify limiting beliefs that hold them back from being the most effective student. Success Coaches also help clients identify keystone strengths and habits from which to build. Students who work with coaches are intentional in developing their approach and greatly increase their ability to successfully complete their higher education goals and think strategically.

There is no one-size-fits-all for education. C.A.N. is constantly researching to create opportunities to maximize student success. We firmly believe that we must be flexible and tailor the participant’s experience to their needs, experiences, and skill set.  


C.A.N., College Student Support Consultants


  • Design remote (virtual) intensive experiences for academic development

  • Create positive coaching environment to promote student success

  • Offer a variety of programs to maximize various learning styles


Summary of Qualifications/Experience


  • Twenty-six years as a higher education administrator and faculty member

  • Bachelor’s degree Education, Master’s degree Counseling with concentration in higher education, Doctoral degree Higher Education

  • Ten years of experience in higher education student success

  • Certifications in Mediation, Coaching, Diversity Awareness

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