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  • Dr. Mena Birett

The Power of Your Potential

Are you satisfied with your high school grades? Do you feel confident that you did the best you could? If your answer is no, then what is getting in your way? If you don’t know what is stopping you then you can’t meet your potential.

Consider this:

Change doesn’t have to be drastic

Change is needed to reach your potential

Change can be difficult. When we don’t push ourselves to change our focus and stretch our abilities past our natural strengths we can get stuck into assuming that our potential is a set thing. That’s a problem. Instead, we need to defy our and society’s perceptions of our potential and define our world and ourselves in terms of our possibilities not the limitations that society has placed upon us.

We can get blinded by what others tell us are our possibilities. Don’t let anyone define you. The first step to getting to your full potential is self-awareness. This is a powerful skill. It allows you to see yourself clearly, informs your decisions, weigh your opportunities, and empowers you to understand other people. It allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

What is your strategy for developing greater self-awareness? Who will you enlist to help you learn, change, and grow?

C.A.N. is here for you to ensure that you are up to the challenges that lay ahead. If you would like to discuss the transition to college and how C.A.N. can be of assistance, please fill out the contact us page on our website.

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