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  • Dr. Mena Birett

The Journey begins….Where do I start?

Beginning college can be daunting.  This is a total life change for you.  New teachers.  New peers.  New subjects.  New schedule.  You may even be dealing with a new living arrangement.  This is a total game changer.  You may think you’ve got this or you may be very anxious about this new experience.  Regardless of which angle you are coming from, this is new. 

New needs are coming your way.  New expectations, it will seem, from everybody.  All of this “newness” can be anxiety-inducing.  No worries.  We are here to tackle this together.  Let’s get a head start before things get overwhelming.

Let’s hit the ground running so that you can feel a sense of control that most new college students rarely feel in their first semester of college.

Don’t let yourself relax, yet.  Get the “lay of the land” and know what you must do before you fall into that comfy chair and allow the rest of the semester pass you by.

This week we will address topics such as: 

  • Learn your campus

  • Locate your classrooms

  • Learn your instructors’ names, office locations, and office hours

  • Study the syllabus for each class

  • Get all of your learning supplies

  • Create a schedule

  • Get comfortable with campus technology

  • Manage your money

C.A.N. is here for you to ensure that you are up to the challenges that lay ahead.  If you would like to discuss the transition to college and how C.A.N. can be of assistance, please fill out the contact us page on our website.

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