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  • Dr. Mena Birett

Get a grip

You made it! You worked hard, got admitted to college and graduated from high school. But now what?  Here are a few words of advice to prepare you for the next stage of your academic journey: college.

Get Purpose, Build Relationships, Discover Your Identity, and Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!

Get a Purpose. Researchers have shown that students who have high aspirations do better academically, seek out opportunities for professional and personal growth and take full advantage of what their college has to offer. What’s your goal? To be successful, set a goal to finish strong, and develop a sense of purpose for your college years. Once you do, you’ll feel like you’re flying with a strong tailwind. It’ll also help you avoid distractions, which will be many in college.

Build Relationships. College and life were not intended to be a lonely journey. Research has found that the students who were most successful in college had two types of relationships: 1) good relationships with their faculty and administrators; and 2) they were engaged on campus and had a strong peer network. To be successful in college…and in life, you have to build relationships in both dimensions.

Discover Your Identity. If someone asked you to complete the sentence, “I am _____,” what would you say? Probably your name, right? That’s how most of us would respond. But what if you couldn’t use your name? What attributes would you highlight?

Plan, Plan, Plan. Another thing that separates the exceptional students from all others is their ability to plan — by the semester, by the week and by the day. Planning your work and working your plan are essential to success in college…and in life.

C.A.N. is here for you to ensure that you are up to the challenges that lay ahead. If you would like to discuss the transition to college and how C.A.N. can be of assistance, please fill out the contact us page on our website.

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