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Don't Crash and Burn

Most of us have a tendency to hyper-focus. The perfectionism in us causes us to make a task more than it is and increases our anxiety. If you don’t think you have ever hyper-focused perhaps you remember a time when you had the inability to stop when you should and, in the end, hurts you.

If we think that we don't have enough time to do a job right, then we won't even start. Then if we ever do, we can't stop till it is all done right. It doesn't matter that you have a paper that needs to be started or that you have an exam tomorrow……… were on your never ending mission to perfectionism. You were going to do it right if it killed you. You can't tell me that you have never said those words under your breath or even out loud to your family.

This inability to stop causes us to crash and burn. This is why I want you to take baby steps and learn that it is OK not to do something perfectly.

Good efficient habits take time to establish. Just as your schoolwork did not get out of control in a day, neither are your routines going to become instilled in your mind and body overnight.

This is all a process of establishing one habit at a time and building upon what you have learned by adding another one to your routine. Don't expect to have a full blown routine in a week. My routines have become part of me. Now that they are established my body goes through the motions without even thinking about them.

Learn to use a timer for most everything you do. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment as well as giving you permission to not overdo and burn out. If you find yourself resetting the timer after your 15-minutes are over then; STOP THIS! It is your perfectionism. Practice quitting! You will come back to it.

The reason that you will come back is because you have not burned yourself out. When we have let our assignments go till we can't stand it any longer; then we get in there and spend 8 hours doing schoolwork. After you have finally finished, you don't want to see another academic assignment for a while, so you don't because the academic assignments will come and you don’t want to get back into your original place of overwhelm!

I want this crash and burn attitude to go away forever. Your academics do that need to get to a point of overwhelm, because you will tackle just a little each time.

Don't let perfectionism keep you from doing a little each day!

C.A.N. is here for you to ensure that you are up to the challenges that lay ahead. If you would like to discuss the transition to college and how C.A.N. can be of assistance, please fill out the contact us page on our website.

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